Thomas Bellen Bergman

Musical influences:

Frank Zappa, Rush, Budgie, Kebnekajse, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, Deep Purple, Opeth, Bob Marley & Wailers



The Love brothers description of Bellen:

Flowingly, Colorfull. Witty, Impulsive, Spacy, Intense







" The flow of the band"

Thomas "Bellen" Bergman

I started listening to The Beatles in the mid 60’s. I started a punk band in 1977, played in a rock reggae band until 1984. I sold all my gear in 1990 and, instead of playing I became a huge music listener. In January 2005 me and some friends started up a hard rock trio called Led Sallat. It started to be fun to play music again, and I had to learn to play the guitar once again. Atomic Love Reactor is an offspring band that sprung from Led Sallat in august 2012, and here we are. It has never been this fun creating musical landscapes as in the powerful world of Atomic Love Reactor.