Johan Strende

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The Love brothers description of Johan:

Human metronome, Fast, Breezy, Fisherman, Musicals, Anathema, Never in time, Funny, Musical Prodigy.








" The engine of the band"

Johan Strende

I started my music career playing the Violin when I was 8 years old. At the age of 10 I changed instrument to French horn, but this also proved itself to be the wrong instrument for me. In my early teens I found The drums, and I instantly felt that this was right for me. At this time I was listening exclusively to Metal and Hard Rock. I would say thet Iron Maiden was without a doubt my main influence for the first years of drumming. I decided I wanted to study music for real and applied to musical college here in Sweden. I later also studied at Nordiska Rockmusiklinjen, and played Jazz for one year at Geijersskolan. I´ve been in several bands during the years and has really been giving it my all at some point in life. Brimstone, Impale, and Silent Scythe to name a few. Besides this I´ve had the honor of playing with Cabary for several years, and the musicals Jekyll & Hyde, and Jesus Christ Superstar. During the breakdown of Silent Scythe I had to quit playing to find my spark again. Turned out I needed four years before returning to the stage again. At this time I didn´t play at all. My only contact with my instrument was when I had my drum students at Kulturskolan. I´m happy to have found joy in music again, and with Atomic Love Reactor it´s always fun! I still learn to play different things every day, and I love having music as such a big part of my life.