Love Story

This is the Love story!

Atomic Love Reactor was sprung out of the band Led Sallat where Thomas "Bellen" Bergman and Peter Samuelsson was some of the founding members. After hooking up with lead singer Fredrik Eriksson, the old songs got a new life. The band soon invited Johan Strende to play the drums, and in autumn 2012 the band took it's first breath. In February 2012 the band had it's first gig at a local pub in their hometown; Karlstad, Sweden. As a four man band the members; Bellen, Fredrik, Peter and Johan felt that it was something missing, and the band went on a search for that missing piece. The Keyboard player Anders Olsson was invited to jam with the band, and what a jam! With sounds of organs and electric piano Anders brought the sound and atmosphere the band had been missing. With a earthy sound of steaming Rock n roll, rhythmic funk and, progressive turns, Atomic Love Reactor is here to spread the word of love.


"Atomic Love Reactor is the answer come and join the Reactor"


Come and join the Reactor!